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The Montana School Counselor Association is a division of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and represents approximately 500 Montana professional school counselors.

The mission of the Montana School Counselor Association is to promote excellence in professional school counseling in Montana.

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Member Spotlight: Myrle Zilkoski

Name: Myrle Zilkoski
Position: Junior High Counselor
School: Wolf Point Junior/Senior High School
Experience: 12 Years
Where you attended graduate school: MSU- Billings
Share a little more about you: Where you are from? Hobbies/Interests?
My husband and I moved back to Wolf Point from Toledo Ohio 29 years ago. I am originally from Montana and he is from Upstate NewYork. He is a small town doctor extraordinaire and we are parents of 9 children and enjoy 22 grandchildren.
We own a small brewery with 7 craft beers and root beer on tap in a wonderfully inviting little pub. We have 2 Airbnbs’ up stairs in the same building on Main Street.
I enjoy walking, cooking, and creating and/or appreciating the ambiances’ of commercial or domestic spaces. I love interior design!
What compelled you to be a school counselor or led you to where you are today?
I sort of fell out of nursing and into school counseling. It is a great fit for me; I love kids, I love education and learning, and the work hours are perfectly adaptable to my treasured family and friend connections.
Favorite aspect of your job?
Meeting one on one with young students to help them choose electives, track their progress, and set academic goals is probably the favorite part of my job.
Particularly memorable program, intervention, group, lesson you’ve implemented that you believe made an impact with your students/staff?
Kudos’ go to the Power Up Speak Out Program! This year was especially enjoyable working with the 7th grade Health Teachers. PUSO is my number 1 favorite for group lessons. It  provides criteria for healthy relationships so the students have a way to measure what healthy looks like and what healthy  doesn’t look like, so the students can evaluate for themselves. It is so relevant for young adults and the activities make PUSO a fun way to learn and to teach.
Favorite part of the spring/fall conference?
For me it’s the Keynote Speakers. I remember Diane Gossen, one of my first spring conferences, and Julia Cook and of course Carolyn Stone! MSCA comes up with great themes and speakers and I always feel renewed and regenerated after the Spring conference!
Memorable moments in your career?
Many of my most memorable moments happen around this time of year. Graduation is a key accomplishment and as many of the graduation speakers say, it is also the first step to the next level of education. I’m proud of all the graduates but my heart really swells watching some of the kids reaching for their diploma when I know the personal difficulties they have surmounted to be there.

A note from the Wolfpoint School District Administrator, Greg Gourneau Jr.:
"Mrs. Zilkoski works hard every day to ensure that students know their potential.  Myrle meets with students on a continuous basis to check in on them and make them aware of where they are with credits.  She always greets students, staff and parents with a smile that makes you feel comfortable even if the conversation is not. Above all she advocates for students and their best academic interests.  We are lucky to have Mrs. Zilkoski as a team member and mentor within our school district."