Board of Directors

If you are interested in being on the MSCA Board of Directors, please email We would love to have you join us!

Jessica Buboltz
Hellgate High School
Missoula, MT
Ph: 406-728-2400 Ext. 6053

Assitant Chairperson
Renee' Schoening
Deer Lodge Elementary
Deer Lodge, MT
Ph: 406-491-2206
Ellen Ryter
Hamilton High School
Hamilton, MT
Ph: 406-375-6069
Lee Starck
Stevensville Schools (Elementary)
Stevensville, MT
Ph: 406-777-5533
Kara Berg Morgan
Alberton School District (K-12)
Alberton, MT

Beth Terzo
Frenchtown High School
Frenchtown, MT
Ph: 406-626-2719

Katy Thomas
Meadowlark Elementary
Bozeman, MT
(406) 582-6883

Fallon Handley
Malta Elementary School
Malta, MT
(406) 654-4458
Nominations are open for the MSCA Board of Directors 
The MSCA Board recently changed to a Policy Governance Model. Under this model, the Board of Directors consists of nine Directors who serve on the Board for a three-year term of service. Board members may serve two consecutive terms. Every April, we will hold an election for three Board of Director positions. Candidates must be practicing school counselors, faculty in a school counselor education program or a retired aforementioned position and in their position for at least three years. 

MSCA strives for diversity from across the state as well as grade levels. If you know of an interested candidate or would like to self-nominate, please complete the MSCA Board of Directors Nomination Form and return to Beth Terzo. If you have any questions, feel free to email Beth Terzo at