Presidents Message

President’s Message November 2018


I am both honored and humbled to assume the role as President of the Montana School Counseling Association.  I look at the past Presidents and wonder how I am equipped to lead. What skills do I have that can carry the torch? I mean, I’m a soccer mom.

Having four sons, I have been a sports mom for almost half my life and for a large percentage of this time I was team mom.  As team mom, it has been my mission to support the coach so that he/she could concentrate on coaching and the players could concentrate on playing.  My job was to organize food, uniforms, travel concerns, fundraising, etc. And my job was to enlist/organize help from other parents to accomplish this goal. I will be MSCA’s team mom!  

We have great demands placed on our profession.  Funds and support continue to dwindle all the while needs and expectations increase.  Your Board is committed to supporting you and our profession. We advocate for you at the state and national level by collaborating with like-minded organizations and educating influential leaders on how school counselors can assist them in reaching common goals.  We are committed to offering top notch training; while remaining fiscally responsible. We solicit your opinion to keep our focus on your concerns and listen to your voice. This has been our focus and this will not change.

My job, along with your Board, is to advocate and represent our profession so that you are empowered to excel in your/our profession.  So . . GO TEAM MSCA!