Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight Hannah Masco

Name: Hannah Mascho
Position: High School Counselor
School: Florence-Carlton High School
Experience: I am in my second year
Where you attended graduate school: The University of Montana
Share a little more about you: Where you are from? Hobbies/Interests?
I am originally from Albuquerque, NM, and I have lived in Montana for five years now.  I miss the green chile in New Mexico, but I enjoy the people, and outdoorsy lifestyle of Montana.  I love to craft and sew.  There are many aspects of my job that are planting seeds, so in my off time I enjoy doing things that lead to a concrete representation of my time and effort like cooking, sewing, and making things.

What compelled you to be a school counselor or led you to where you are today?
Being a teenager is a difficult experience.  I wanted to be in a position to work with students and to introduce emotional coping skills from a resilient and encouraging place.   

Favorite aspect of your job?
I really enjoy classroom guidance.  Being with students, hearing their thoughts about different subjects in the dynamic classroom environment is really engaging for me.  I enjoy being silly with students, and rolling with whatever they bring that day.      

Particularly memorable program, intervention, group, lesson you’ve implemented that you believe made an impact with your students/staff?
The seniors were reading books about people who had been through struggles in their lives and I worked with the English teacher to do a lesson on empathy.  I really admire Brene Brown’s work, so to be able to talk to high school students about empathy, vulnerability, and how to hold someone else’s vulnerability was a really memorable experience.    

Favorite part of the spring/fall conference?
My favorite part of the spring conference is when we get together in our level meetings.  It is affirming to know that the issues in my school are the same as the issues in other schools.  It gets my mental gears turning to hear how other school counselors are addressing the issues in their districts and to hear the roadblocks they have encountered as they work through dealing with a given problem. 

Memorable moment in your career?
So far the most memorable moment in my career has been reading the senior names at graduation.  It is amazing to work with students during college application week applying for colleges, academic planning to help students organize and turn work in to pass their classes, and then to read their names as they graduate is very memorable.  I enjoy seeing their baby pictures in the slide show as well.  They’re entering into another stage of their life and it’s neat to be able to be there as part of that ceremony.