COVID-19 & Re-entry Resources

Hello Montana School Counselors,

In this time of virtual school counseling, we've gathered resources to help with the transition online and ways to connect and share strategies with SCs across the state. 

Below are resources, ways to connect and updates from ASCA.

Asca toolkits

Crisis Planning and Response
Choosing a College When You Can't Visit Campus
Virtual School Counseling Guidelines
Virtual Elementary School Counseling

ASCA-Provided Liability Insurance
The coverage provided with the ASCA membership includes coverage for tele-counseling as long is this is part of your school counseling activities. The limit is $1 million per occurrence/aggregate, and it pays after the school coverage has paid. Students who are ASCA members and in master’s programs are covered by ASCA’s liability insurance for activities that are part of the university’s practicum/internship program/requirements. Insurance is free for ASCA professional and student members. Click here for more information about membership and here for more information about ASCA's insurance program.